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  • E-waste Management (Amendment) 2018


  • Form I – Application For Registration For Producers or Brand Owners


  • Form II – Application Form for Registration of Units Engaged in Processing or Recycling Plastic Waste


  • Form III – Application For Registration For Manufacturers of Plastic Raw Materials


  • Form IV – Format of Annual Reports by Operator of Plastic Waste Processing or Recycling Facility to the Local Body


  • Form V – Format For Annual Report on Plastic Waste Management to be Submitted by the Local Body


  • Form VI – State-wise status of Impletetatiion of Plastic Waste management Rule 2016 for the year… Annual


  • PWM What’s New


  • Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016


  • Salient Features of PWM – 2016


  • Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules 2018